wireless network setting and connection wizard is the default IP of many routers set by router factories, so while we are configuring a wireless router setting and our PC, we need to set them on the same network. For example, I set my PC’s IP as, subnet mask of, the default gateway is Then we can go to router’s setup interface to make our network working smoothly.

Wireless router setup

Through the above settings, we can log into the router to configure the detailed settings, first double-click browser, enter the IP address login in the address bar, then we will see the router’s configuration interface. Usually it’s not required to verify the username and password by default if it’s the first time to configure. But some routers require username and authentication, such as D-Link’s products, the default user name is Admin, the default password is blank. We can read product’s manual book for default username and password if the product needs authentication.

The next step, click ‘Setup Wizard’ option, then we enter the router’s configuration wizard interface. This page will display a Configuration Wizard welcome screen, we can click Next to proceed with the configuration directly. Then there is an option of interface internet access interface in which we can make specific choices based on our own internet providers, for example, many providers offer ADSL, CABLE and MODEM. If your network is CABLE then you can choose the first option, if your network is ADSL we can choose the second one. Here we assume that you are using ADSL lines, then we select the second item, click Next to continue the configuration.

Next, we also need to choose what kind of dial-up approach. In USA, many telecom companies provide static IPs, and there are also many companies are still using PPPoE dial-up way to manage their network. so here we choose the first item, and then click Next. Click Next will require users to fill in some information, PPPoE dial-up users will have a validation process, we need the information that telecom company provides to us to input into the box. Then click Next, after you’ve filled out the necessary information, the router will let you select the IP address type, most users are using carriers automatically assigned IP address, then we finish the configuration.

So basically it’s the step by step of configuring our wireless router with ip address, most time our broadband router configuration wizard will automatically configure the settings, experienced users can also manually configure the broadband router according to their needs, we recommend you manually configure the broadband router according to its product manual.

What to do if you can’t login to your wireless router with ?

Sometimes while we enter at the browser address bar, the browser doesn’t show the management page, or it shows the login page, but after we input the username and password, the browser doesn’t bring us to the inner pages. It means we can’t connect to our wireless router or login to it, why does this happen and how to troubleshoot the problem?

1. Check connections between terminal computers and router
First check whether your computer is connected with your router by net cable or wireless signal. It’s pretty easy to check the cable way, just take a look at your router’s ports to see whether the small lights is blinking, and then check whether your computer’s cable port is blinking too. If the light isn’t blinking, it means your cable isn’t plugged rightly or your cable is broken, double check your cable and plug it into both ports again to see whether the network is working OK.

If you are using a wireless router, first you need to check whether your router is broken or not powered on, sometimes the router’s antenna will cause problems too, erect the antenna will make the wireless signal more strong.

2. Check your computer’s IP address
In normal situations, if the router is working smoothly, your computer will get an IP address assigned by it. But if you have assigned an IP address to the computer by yourself and the IP isn’t in the router’s local area network, then you will fail to connect to it.

How to set your computer’s IP address correctly?

No matter whether you are using a PC or MAC, try to configure the network as ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’. In Windows system, find ‘Local Area Connection’, right click ‘Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), click properties, choose ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’, then your computer will try to get an IP address within your router’s network, such as

If you are using a MAC, it’s similar as above steps to configure your network, just don’t set the IP by yourself.

3. Check your router’s login address
Usually router companies have pre-configured their router’s default gateway IP address as or, but there are always some exceptions, for example, 2Wire router’s default IP address is Don’t worry, check your router’s brand, if it’s Linksys or Netgear or some very popular router brand, it’s always or

You can also look at the back of your router to check whether there’s a label marking the gateway IP address.

4. Change your computer or browser
Sometimes your computer or browser causes the problem stop working smoothly, they failed opening any web pages even if your network is ok. There’s always some alternative browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, try a different browser to login your router. If none of them works, then try another computer or mobile phone, the steps are same as above ones.

5. Forgot router’s password
If your browser shows router’s login page but you’ve forgotten the username and password, don’t worry, there are always some ways to fix it, and it means your router is working ok. Look at the label at the back of your router, it marks your router’s username and password, if there’s no label, try to Google the router’s default username and password with the exact brand name and model number.

6. Reset your router
Resetting your router not only changes the username and password back to default ones, but it also changes the router’s status back to normal if it has been working for a long time. Sometimes router’s long time working might cause software error, it will lose packages and stability. So restart or reset your router is a good way to recover it.

It’s very simple to do it, find the reset hole, it’s always near the power port, use a pen or needle to stick to the hole for 5 to 8 seconds, if the small light of your router is blinking, it means the status have been reset. And please remember to power the router on before doing the reset step.

The above steps will solve your problem of can’t logging in to your router, whatever it’s router’s problem or network problem. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment it.


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